Health Insurance Hits the Hip-Pocket – Let Us Help

Health insurance premiums are going up more than 6% from April, over three times the rate of inflation. But that’s not all. Your premiums could rise more than this due to the cap on the government rebate for health insurance. That’s a big hit to the hip-pocket!

 Care4Wealth would like to help by offering a no-cost, no-obligation service to review and compare your healthshutterstock_251454343 Health Care 090315 insurance policy with others in the market. To take up this offer simply click here, provide a few details and health insurance specialist engaged by our firm will call you. Easy!

There’s a good chance you’ll find a lower cost policy with the same benefits you have now, or a better policy for the same price you’re paying now. The savings achieved have been between $200 and $1200 per year. If you’ve already got the right policy at the right price for your needs, they’ll tell you – no catches.   (Haven’t got health insurance but need it? Need to upgrade your cover? No problem. A policy to meet your needs and budget will be recommended.)


The service is provided for Care4Wealth by ItsMy Health, a business specialising in health insurance comparisons. ItsMy Health will even handle the paperwork for you if you change funds or policies as a result of this offer. Even easier!

 You’ve nothing to lose and you could be doing your hip-pocket a big favour.

 If you take up this offer, ItsMy Health and your chosen health fund will obtain personal information about you. ItsMy Health will not use your details for any other purpose nor contact you with any other offer. ItsMy Pty Ltd (


This service is provided as a referral only and Care4Wealth does not make any recommendation or give any opinion about private health insurance. You should assess for yourself whether or not any recommendation given to you by ItsMy Health is suitable for your circumstances. If you buy a private health insurance policy, switch funds or levels of cover, Care4Wealth may receive a commission of up to 6.25% of the first year’s premium.

# The call will be from an 03 telephone number.