Your Next Step If You Are Serious About Protecting Wealth
& ‘Locking-In’ a Future of Prosperity

In summary… Wealth Protection is a ‘must have’ for all responsible Business Owners, Professionals, Families and Self-Managed Super Fund Members. Just as you invest in your future, being properly insured is a critical part of collecting and protecting an income. Not just for the very wealthy or a small minority of ‘doomsday worry worts’. The fact is, unfortunate things happen to good people ALL the time and there are just no guarantees in this uncertain world of ours. The only answer is quality insurance cover.

We’d like you to know, we are very proud of our service… and the fantastic feedback we receive from our clients when we find them a better plan, help them with a claim or save them a pile of money on premiums. In short, we want to share our expertise and knowledge with you and we think choosing to deal with Care4Wealth will be the wisest decision you will ever make…

Here’s another look at the reasons why you shouldn’t go another minute without getting this sorted. Care4Wealth makes the process simple and easy to understand:

  • You have a 60% chance of becoming disabled for longer than 1 month during your working life
  • Safeguards the ongoing prosperity of all who depend on your income
  • Protects your loved ones and guarantees their future wellbeing
  • Avoids a devastating situation of grief and financial loss
  • Eliminates two major causes of business failure in Australia (death and illness)
  • Can fund a business succession plan should you be taken out of action (in the short or long term)
  • Ensures your business remains a legacy to proper future generations
  • Cover is affordable, can be structured tax effectively and there’s never a cheaper time to arrange it than right now!
  • Assures you and your loved ones priceless ‘peace of mind’

What Will Happen When You Call?

When you pick-up the phone and dial Care4Wealth, either myself or one of my specialist advisors will answer your call…

By the way, everyone here is friendly and we promise you won’t get shuffled around or be made to hang around on the end of the line…

We’ll then compare diaries and work out when will be the best time to do your free appraisal either over the phone, or ‘eyeball to eyeball’ if that suits you better.

When you call initially, we’ll advise you of everything you’ll need to have in-front of you when we do the appraisal (don’t stress, it’s not a big list). We’re very good at making the whole process very simple and easy for you to manage.

So there you have it. Only 3 choices remain…

  1. Stay with your existing insurer and miss out on our “no risk guarantee” to better your current cover… AND miss-out on a FREE financial health check valued at up to $1,500
  2. Remain uninsured. Roll the dice and let fate decide what the future has is store… Sure, you might save a few dollars but ultimately you’ll find it’s like picking up pennies in front of a steam roller. Smart people take care of the risks then get on with bringing in the bucks.
  3. Act now while this is fresh on your mind.

Phone Care4Wealth on 1300 822 902 for your FREE insurance appraisal and to claim your Special Bonuses worth up to $1,600