Pathway to Wealth™

Pathway to Wealth™  is an award-winning, step by step financial management program to help average Australians build enough assets for a comfortable, stress free retirement.



The simple steps to financial success

The majority of people rank financial success as one of their top three goals or values, along with health and family.

But here’s the contradiction – 90% of people fail to achieve even modest wealth1.


Pathway to Wealth™ will take you through proven step by step strategies for building your wealth.

Pathway to Wealth™ is a solution-driven financial planning concept bringing together

  • property
  • shares
  • debt management
  • super
  • tax planning
  • estate planning
  • salary packaging and

Pathway to Wealth™ focuses on achieving the end results you want.

  • Making smart decisions about money and investments
  • Saving tax
  • Building enough assets for a long comfortable, stress free retirement
  • Giving confidence that you are on track for financial success.

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Pathway to Wealth™ seminar

If you want to be in the 10% who achieve wealth, don’t miss our free Pathway to Wealth™ seminars1.

This is not a get rich quick seminar. However, if you want simple, effective and practical strategies for achieving financial success then the Pathway to Wealth™ seminar is a must attend. 

  • It’s free
  • It’s information packed, but easy to understand
  • It could be just what you are looking for

You will learn how to put together a plan that is right for you and your individual circumstances and goals.

You should attend a Pathway to Wealth™ seminar if

  • You are committed to achieving financial success
  • You are a home owner who has built up some equity, but not quite sure what to do next
  • You have the potential to save $150+ per week
  • You are aged between 28 and 50 and / or you have more than 10 years until retirement

What you’ll learn

At the Pathway to Wealth™ seminar, we’ll show you

  • The 10 reasons most people fail to achieve financial success and what you can do about it
  • The 7 steps to achieving wealth
  • The 4 keys to a successful wealth management plan
  • The simple formula for beating procrastination
  • Why property, shares and superannuation are all important
  • How saving tax can help fund your wealth creation
  • Whether you should increase your mortgage repayments or start investing
  • How you can make efficient use of your cashflow


1 Kelly, S (2001): Wealth on Reitrement – Latest Estimates for Australia. National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, University of Canberra.